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Conte Intrigued by Busy Period Premier League

Antonio Conte admitted that he had not wait to try out a busy period in the Premier League, which requires all teams to continue playing even though the competition was entering the Christmas and New Year.

Conte, Football Squad Players who is now able to bring Chelsea sits in second league standings, previously only worked in Serie A, where the competition will be closed for several weeks on end until the beginning of the new year.

And the figure of 47-year-old manager admitted that he was curious how he will be undergoing its first festive period in England.

"I am quite curious about this. This is the first time my team will play during the Christmas and New Year and I desperately want to know more about it," Conte said in the Daily Star.

"This Christmas I will be in England with all my family, not only with my wife and children, but also his father and mother, and my brother together. Of course, this will be a new Christmas for us."

Chelsea will return to play in the Premier League after a pause International to face Middlesbrough, as they venture past Liverpool at the top.